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Raleigh, N.C. – The Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County (HBA) is pleased to announce the distinguished individuals who will be leading the association in 2024, as well as honoring exceptional contributors to the industry through the Hall of Fame recognition. The event was held on December 7th at North Hills’ Level 7.

2024 HBA President:  Christy Beck
The HBA is proud to introduce Christy Beck as the newly elected President for 2024.  With an extensive background in the home building industry, Christy brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership, and a passion for fostering growth within Wake County’s vibrant housing market. 

She is committed to continuing the HBA’s mission of promoting excellence in home building, advocating for industry professionals, and supporting the community through various outreach initiatives.  Under Christy’s leadership, the HBA looks forward to reaching new heights and making a positive impact on the local housing landscape.

“Workforce development is crucial for the sustained growth and success of the home building industry.  We must invest in our current workforce while also attracting and cultivating the next generation of skilled professionals.  By collaborating with local educational institutions, trade schools, and apprenticeship programs, we can create a pipeline of talented individuals who are equipped with the necessary skills to meet the demands of our ever-evolving industry.  I am committed to forming a task force that will lay the groundwork for sustained growth and future success,” states Beck.   

Hall of Fame Recipients:
This year, the HBA proudly recognized Jim Allen, President of the Jim Allen Group and Tom Anhut, President/CEO of Waterstone Properties, LLC for their outstanding contributions to the home building industry.  These individuals have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation, and a commitment to excellence throughout their careers, leaving an indelible mark on Wake County’s housing community.

The HBA’s Hall of Fame is a prestigious honor reserved for those who have significantly influenced and elevated the standards of the home building profession.  The association is proud to celebrate the remarkable achievements of Jim Allen and Tom Anhut.

2024 HBA Executive Committee and 2024 Board of Directors:
The HBA is pleased to introduce the esteemed members of the 2024 Executive Committee and the 2024 Board of Directors, a group of industry professionals dedicated to advancing the goals and objectives of the association.  The board will play a crucial role in guiding the HBA’s initiatives, fostering collaboration within the industry, and advocating for policies that support growth and success of the home building industry in Wake County. 

The 2024 Executive Committee includes:
Christy Beck, President
Jim Derrickson, Past President
Mikkel Thompson, First Vice President
Alex Yost, Second Vice President
Amanda Hoyle, Treasurer
Tom Anhut, Secretary
Kimberly Michael, VP of Associates
Lisa Baldwin, President Appointee

The 2024 Board of Directors includes:
David Price, Rob Weintraub, Melissa Ervin, Dicky Gephart, Cristi Green, Sharon Andrews, Jeff Logsdon, Mark Ashburn, Rachel Williams, Jon Showalter, Dan Clem, Gaye Orr, Cristina Hurley, Kathy Young, Ryan Johnson, Jay Upchurch, Warren Smith, Matt Gault, Tony Frazier, Mike Hunsaker, Keith Hill, Cameron Medlin, Joel Geniesse, Erica Oliver, David Colgan, John Christy, Mark Johnson, Janice Nesbitt, Luke Dobbins, Vanessa Jenkins, James Cregger, Wes Carroll, Linda Dickert, Lou Baker, Tripp Loyd.

The HBA is confident that the collective expertise of these individuals will contribute to the continued success and prosperity of the home building industry in Wake County. 

The HBA looks forward to an exciting and productive year under the leadership of Christy Beck, with the guidance of the distinguished Hall of Fame recipients and the collaboration of the 2024 Board of Directors.

For more information about the Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County, please visit or contact Jill Weaver at

View Pictures from the Ceremony Here 

About the HBA
The Home Builders Association of Raleigh-Wake County (HBA) represents and promotes the interests of the residential building industry on issues that affect their ability to provide housing that is affordable for all citizens of Wake County.  The association serves as the voice of the residential construction industry at the local, state, and national levels.

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