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The Governmental Affairs Department works closely with local, state and federal elected officials on issues vital to our members' livelihood. Forging and nurturing positive relationship with our elected officials is essential for our association and its effectiveness on the political front.


HBA Endorsed Candidates for Local Elections

Now is the time to make your plan to vote in the November 2022 election. Early voting starts Thursday, October 20th and your vote counts!

Below is the list of the HBA of Raleigh-Wake County Endorsed Candidates. After extensive interviews by engaged members of the HBA and a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors, these individuals have been chosen for endorsement because of their knowledge of the industry, willingness to listen to industry concerns and perspective and interest in doing what is best for the community as a whole. Please consider voting for them when you cast your vote this fall.

Also included in the list are those state level candidates supported by the North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA) as well as national level candidates supported by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

This election is extremely important to our industry's future. Please VOTE, and encourage your coworkers, friends and family to do the same.


Through these efforts we are able to identify those politicians who are willing to listen to our issues and consider our point of view. This is where BUILD-PAC becomes invaluable.

The HBA BUILD-PAC (political action campaign) represents the recognition by our members that those elected into office are critical to the housing and development industry. Through generous contributions we are able to fund the best qualified and most worthy candidates for local office.

Because BUILD-PAC is bipartisan it affords us political clout in the election process. If you would like to support your industry, the most effective thing you can do is give a contribution to BUILD-PAC.

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